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Do to some technical interference from a few days ago that I could not be able to tell you about, I have to post pone the lastest chapter of Satoshi Jekyll to next Tuesday. I am really, really sorry. But I had no control over it.
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Animal by AlongComesMaryann
Satoshi shows his fangs as he begins to attack a random hooker. He also has his jacket/lab cout on meaning this is a few weeks after chapter 7. Note: Sorry everyone but do to technical problems from last week I'll have to post pone the next chapter of my story for next week. 
ch 5 Jungle Animal

It had been a few days since Satoshi and Barry learned the truth about the Jekyll family, Satoshi's out burst, learning more about the history and powers of Vampire, and 'mysterious' murder by sailor Brandy Shinro. Thankfully nobody has really questioned the incidents and the boy's connection to them. Although there were still a few people who did ask about about his freak out, which he would say that he had a mental break down because of homesickness and Barry and Trip helped him get over it. Thankfully nobody has asked him if he was at the murder site, or about his transformation into that bat monster.

Meanwhile, Satoshi had increased the amount of food he got from the cafeteria to help ease his hunger, but it didn't help that much. He wasn't sure why he was still hungry since he had fed on the refinements of the blood stocks Jared and Averian gave him, but he still was. Not to mention, Satoshi had to stay indoors most of the time since he was now assigned as one of the boiler men in the engine room since he had to replace Brandy who would imminently go onto another boat once the ship has reached shore. Thankfully during his breaks, Barry got the boy out for fresh air. But now that he was freed from his room, he did get a long over needed bath. During the night, Trip taught Satoshi how to control his current powers which was animal/Pokemon shape shifting, which was very limited. Last night, Satoshi showed Trip his bat monster form. Unfortunately, the boy was unable to control himself once he turned into the bat monster, so Trip had to knock the boy out when he did. But when Satoshi got back to his senses, all Trip said was that he couldn't figure out what the monster was since it wasn't anything the boy had seen before. Satoshi also fed and groomed Pikachu when he had the time, but of less amounts so the mouse Pokemon would lose some weight. Today Satoshi was sitting in his room, feeling a bit anxious since the ship had finally reached the canal, had finally dropped Brandy off, and was now in the first block. Satoshi was wearing the same kind of clothes as his first day. Satoshi held his sides as his stomach growled. The boy was much more hungry than normal, maybe he just needed more blood, especially since the transformations have drained his energy. Not to mention, he didn't know the what consequences the body would give to a vampire who did the unholy act of cannibalism, so this could be the reason. But his thoughts soon zoomed away as his stomach cried out in a roar. The boy winched in pain. 'I know I usually get distracted by my work that I forget to eat for about a few days, but now this is ridiculous...I Need BLOOD! Even if I won't starve to death, I still need to drink!' Satoshi thought, mostly angry at himself that he didn't have any back up blood. He soon got an idea, it came from the more...'dangerous' side of his mind. The boy tired his best to ignore it since it was probably the reason why he killed the boys in the first place, but it was now too powerful for him to ignore.

'I know, I'll sneak off the ship while it's here, drink someone's blood, kill them so I won't accidentally make an undead servant, pour the remaining blood in a bottle, go to someone else, drink them, kill them, and pour their blood into a bottle. It's brilliant. Plus I have super sonic speed, so it'll be over and done with, and I won't have to worry about guilt anymore.' Satoshi thought. He soon began servings through all of his glass containers until he found his largest bottle. He sees that it already had a cork and smiles. He grabs his medical bag and puts it in there. He soon puts some more bottles in there. The rich boy swiftly put the strap over his head and carries it. Satoshi looks at his Pikachu. It was fast asleep. "I'll have Barry look out for you while I'm gone. Don't worry, I'll be back." Satoshi said to his mouse. Satoshi soon leaves his room, and began looking for his friend. Once he finally found him, he told Barry about his plan. Thankfully they were in an empty hallway."Satoshi, you can't leave the ship, it's not right. Plus you promised that you wouldn't be a monster." Barry said. Satoshi looks at him in desperation. "I know, I know. But I NEED BLOOD! I can't drink any of the passengers' blood since they'll notice it. And we're out of the bottles of blood those two boys gave to me before they were attacked so I have to do this. I must attack someone off the ship so everyone won't learn my secret. I can't risk that from happening. So will you please watch over Pikachu while I get some 'food'." Satoshi said with quotation marks, he still need to keep his identity a secret, forgetting that he yelled blood a few seconds earlier. Barry sighed. "Fine. Just make sure you get back on the ship before we leave the canal." He said. The black haired boy nodded. Satoshi soon speeds off in a flash. "Hey what was that noise? I thought I hear the word blood?" A passenger asked from his room. Barry looks at the door. "It's Satoshi, he accidentally got a cut on his arm while helping me and he's going to the doctor. He screamed Blood since he's afraid of it." Barry lied, he knew Satoshi loved it since he was a Vampire. An 'okay' reply was heard and Barry sighed. He soon began cleaning the hallway which was what he was doing before Satoshi came up to him.

(With Satoshi.)

He was so fast that he was able to blur his way off the ship. Many people were confused by the black blur that passed them. Satoshi soon zoomed away from the canal towards the jungle like area the ship was around. Satoshi desperately looked around. He needed blood fast. He soon reaches a small village. Satoshi stops with skid marks where he had stopped. He carefully puts his medical bag in a nearby bush. Satoshi soon humanly walked into the village. He soon sees a native woman and smiles. He soon walks up to her. "Hello, I'm Zeke from the local canal, I'd like to talk to you, alone." He lied, he didn't want be spotted even if it was a small village with around 5 to 7 people right now. She smiles. "Oh! What is it?" She asks kindly. Satoshi puts up his charm. He wasn't that used to it, but he had to charm her away from the village, especially since he needed to be in the deep dark jungle for his transformations and such to work properly. "I have a special item for you, but I need you to go with me first," He said. She blushes. "Offf..of course." She said mesmerized by his words and charm. Satoshi soon walks her out of the village. "So, what are you the most afraid of?" He asked with his charm still on. "Oh, snake Pokemon. They're all so nasty and scary." She said. They got deep into the jungle. "Snakes huh." He said. He soon stops and makes sure he was around the area where he put his bag. He smiles when he recognized the bush he put it in. She looks at him. "Is something wrong?" She asked. Satoshi's head suddenly transformed into a snake's. The woman was in shock and terror. "Y..y-y-your NOT HUMAN!" She screams. He turns to her and smiles. "Your...a... MONSTER!" She cried in horror. He soon bites down on her neck. He drained away her blood slowly, enjoying his meal. However, just as he was in trace by the feeling of blood lust, he quickly remembers the rest of his plan. He quickly lets go of her. She looked up, dazed and confused. "Can't risk turning you into my slave, so... bye-bye." Satoshi said, his clashes extending before ripping her to shreds. He gleefully does this as her screams rang across the jungle. After clawing her to death, Satoshi soon bents down and drains the rest of her blood.

Once empty, Satoshi looks at his bloody hands and licks them. However, he was now crying. He's conscious was getting to him, but he had to ignore. 'I...I hate being this monster.' He thought. He soon sighed. He growled at himself. He wished he wasn't a Vampire. 'But...I.. can't stop... Not now I'm... still hungry. Need more blood. More!' Satoshi's eyes flashed ruby red, but he shacked his head. His head soon transforms back to his own. Satoshi touches his head to feel it back to normal. 'I guess I didn't really notice the change. Well... at least I wasn't in pain.' He thought. He felt terrible. He had killed a human because of his hunger. 'I...I should change my looks, they'll be wondering where she went, and why the guy who took her shows up without her.' Satoshi soon thought of another human, soon his body transformed into a fabio like guy. He looks at his body. 'This should do for now. I... I will turn back to normal once I get enough. Well, at least my shape-shifting skills are getting better. I still wish that I didn't have to kill anyone for this hunger.' He thought. He soon notices his clothes haven't changed and were bloody. 'Note to self. My clothes don't change when I do. Understandable.' He soon flipped his vest inside out so the blood wouldn't be visible. He hides the body before walking back into town. The town's people looked at him. "Hey, your buddy took off with our daughter!" A couple yells at the man. Satoshi chuckles. "Oh did he?" He had changed his voice to be more gruff, but it still sounded similar to his own. "We heard screams of terror. What did he do!?" A man asks. Satoshi smiles. "A snake tried to attack the two, but I saved them. They should be okay and at base." Satoshi lied, he had his charm up. The people looked suspiciously at him. "You don't look like one of the workers at the canal. Are you new?" A boy asks. Satoshi laughs. "Why... yes. Now, if you wouldn't mind, I would like another woman to come with me. It seemed that we have more than one special item for you all," Satoshi said looking at all the teenage native girls. They all blushed, they never seen such a hansom man before. "Not until our daughter is safe and home. I don't trust you, Or the man that took my daughter," The father of the native girl said. Satoshi smiles. "She'll be here in a moment." Satoshi said. Then turned away and went into the jungle.

He began to worry. How was he suppose prove she was okay when he killed her? Satoshi growled. His eyes sharpened. Then an idea came to him. "Father. It's me!" Satoshi said mimicking the girl he had killed voice. "Satin, come out." The father said. Satoshi soon transformed into the woman he murdered and grabbed one of his beakers from his bag. 'She' runs up to him. "Oh father. It's good to see you." 'She' said holding the beaker. The father nodded. "Okay, Mr. Canal employ guy. You can get another girl... Vinny go over to him." The man said to a very beautiful woman. She nods. "I should help her find her way. The man asked me to lead her to the building." 'The abducted girl' said. The father nodded. Soon the two girls went off into the jungle. When they were deep inside it, the fake native girl asked, "So what are you most afraid of?" The other one looks at her in confusion. "Huh? Why are you asking? You know I'm terrified of spider Pokemon. They're so icky." She replied. The fake girl smiles. Then she puts the glass beaker down in a bush. "Hey! It's a spider!" The fake girl said. The other girl looks around. "Where? Where!?" She asked in a panic. Suddenly Satoshi transforms back into his normal self. He soon sees a Spinarak, grabs it, and puts it on her shoulder. It taps on her shoulder. She turns around and sees that it was a Spinarak. She runs away in terror, screaming all the way. Satoshi rushes over and pins her to a tree. She was in too much fear to ask any questions like where this man came from? The monster bites down on her neck draining her essence and life. He soon lets go. He soon smashes and bashes her to death with his claws. Once dead, Satoshi rushes over to the glass container he put in a bush. He grabs it and runs back towards her. He pulls of the lid off the bottle and looks at the corpse. She was bleeding internally. Satoshi punches through to her heart and pulls it out over the glass. All of the blood poured into the beaker until it was full. Satoshi eats the heart and smiles. He puts the lid back on. He soon uses his super speed to get his bag and return to the dead woman. Satoshi sighs. 'I really hate that I'm doing this. But...' He thought as he gets out a bottle and unplugged it. He soon made the dead woman lean into the cylinder so her blood would fall out.

Once full, he pushes her back an bit, plugs the cylinder, and gets out another cylinder to do it again. After 3 times of doing that, she was barely all out of blood. Thankfully Satoshi was out of bottles to use. 'I guess I should have brought more bottles, but this about of blood in bottles won't save me for a week in the ship. I need more blood... But... I can't go back to the village, with two girls now gone. Oh...I HATE BEING A VAMPIRE!' He thought. He looks at the body. He soon drained it of what little blood that was left. Once done, he smiles. He finally felt full again. But soon the pain and despair of what he has done soon comes back to him. 'I hate it! I hate being this killing monster. But I can't tell Trip though. He'll kill me! I...I just need to get these bottles onto the ship.' Satoshi soon licked his bloody hand. He can't show any sign of blood on him to significant that he murdered someone. Soon he though back to his vest and his probably now bloody shirt. He sighed in angst. 'Well... I better get back to the ship. Can't get stuck here. ...Sigh.' Satoshi said as he pulls off his vest and puts it in his bag with his bottles. He soon super speeds through the jungle back to the canal. He sees that the ship was on the second lock placement of several more locks to pass which meant it would take quite some time before they got back onto the sea. Satoshi smiled. He had enough time to get back onto the ship on. He soon uses his super speed and agility to climb up the ship and go to his room, making sure to be careful with his bag. Satoshi slows down and looks around his room. It was so strange being super fast and having that much agility. Satoshi sits down and slowly began breathing. He needed to clam down, things were just happening too fast. Barry was on the floor holding Pikachu. The yellow haired boy looks at the black haired boy. "Oh, Satoshi, your back. I see you did that Vampire stuff you had to do." Barry said, sad. He didn't like that his closest friend had to kill someone to eat. Satoshi pulls out a bottle of blood. He gets up and puts it on his table near his chemistry set and photo held.

"You know this table is getting quite crowded. Are there any other safe places where I can put my stuff?" Satoshi asked. Barry sighed. "Sorry, but that's it. We do have a box for your dirty clothes, but that's not very safe." Barry said. Satoshi looks down. "Well, I can always use that storage area the two other vampires gave me. It's not like they're using it." Satoshi said. Barry sadly nodded. "So... who did you eat?" Barry asked worryingly. Satoshi looks away. "Just some village girls... No one important." Satoshi trying his best to dismiss his victims as much as any other food. "Satoshi!" Barry yelled and was about to say more when the black haired boy stopped him. "I know what your going to say. Those were innocent people. They didn't deserve to die. I know. I know! I KNOW! DON'T YOU THINK I KNOW THAT! EVER SINCE I LEFT THIS SHIP I KNEW I WOULD BE KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE! THAT I WOULD GET RIDE OF PEOPLE'S LOVED ONES! But..." He soon quite down, tears flowed down his face. "I don't know how to feed myself since I'm now this... monster! I hate IT! I HATE IT! I WISH I WAS NEVER BORN INTO A FAMILY OF MONSTERS!" Satoshi screams. He didn't want to kill and destroy. He wanted to heal and protect. This idea soon made the boy sad. 'Some doctor I am. Killing people because of hunger. If I had anything decent mind, I...I would kill myself... but... Trip says that I would have to tar off my own head or get stabbed in the chest to die.' Satoshi held himself as his mind battered on about how much of a monster he was. "Barry...maybe I should get killed... the world would be a better place it weren't for creatures like me." Satoshi said, the sadness in his voice very clear. Barry looks at him. "WHAT!? No Satoshi, don't think that way. I know, you could bite me the next time your hungry or maybe an animal or Pokemon." Barry said. Satoshi gave him a sad smile. "Thanks Barry, but... I could end up draining all of your blood, nor do I want to hurt the creatures I care for the most... I...I don't want to do that at all." Satoshi said. Barry soon slaps him. Satoshi was stunned by this. "Satoshi! I know things may not be going well for you. And it seems like out of options. Just remember, your friends are here to help." Barry said.

Satoshi smiles, he was actually glad someone had slapped him for once. It was probably the only time he ever felt that way with a slap. He needed the help. "Thanks... You know, Trip never says that anything bad would happen if I just take just a few sips of blood from someone, just that I shouldn't suck them dry." Satoshi said. Barry nodded. "Remember the time you first bite me, well the doctors said I was going to be fine. Even the ones that seem to know about Vampires said that, but also says to be sure it doesn't suck me dry. At first I thought they were joking, but now it's more helpful than scary or hurtful." Barry said. Satoshi smiles. 'If I just drink a little bit, I'll be fine. Besides, those two dead boys are dead because I didn't eat for about a month and because they threaten to hurt me, so they deserved it. Although I'll have to be more careful, so maybe just little sips and some food should help.' Satoshi thought. His confidence soon raised a bit. "Don't worry, I'll make sure to get enough blood this time so I won't end up kill another human... after I kill another human to fill more of my bottles." Satoshi said. Barry looks at him. "Wait what!?" He yells. Satoshi looks at him, with despair in his eyes. "Barry, we both know that this is wrong. But I have to get more blood for my bottles. We'll be on the sea for a long time, which means there won't be any people for me to feed upon if I want to keep from feeding on the passengers. Plus I can't always feed on you, I'll make you a zombie slave if I do. And I can't scare and feed on the other crew members since it would be weird. So I have to do it to the people in this land...I'm sorry Barry. But it's what I have to do." Satoshi said, not liking the options as much as Barry. Barry was annoyed. "The ship will be stuck in the Canal for about 5-6 hours at this rate, so you'd better hurry." Barry said angry, he didn't like the thought that his friend was going to kill more people. Satoshi grabs the medical bag that Brock had given him. He soon replaces the full bottles with some small bottles. Satoshi sighed. He also didn't want to go kill more people, but it was the only way he could think of that would satisfy his hunger.

He soon thought of the bottles in the storage room. 'I'll stop off there to grab some more bottles. Don't want to use all of my equipment for this. Plus the insignia on my small bottles will never be noticed as long as I keep them in my room.' The boy thought. Satoshi looked at the opened door. "Don't worry. I'll still take care of Pikachu and make sure nothing gets broken." Barry said. Satoshi smiles, but then realizes something. "Oh wait. I have to change my top clothes, they're very bloody." Satoshi said. Then took off his vest and shirt. He looked as weak and scrawny as ever, despite the fact that he was a Vampire. He soon got an identical shirt and vest on. He puts the medical bag strap around his shoulders again. He smiles. "Well, I'd better get going." He said. Soon he zips off to the storage room on the third bottom level. He soon zooms off the ship and went in the opposition direction of the first village he went to. After shape shifting into 5 guys to get his prey, going to 3 different villages, killing some people, putting most of their blood in the bottles until all were full, and drinking the rest of the left over blood; Satoshi returns to his normal form, climbs back on the ship, and zooms so fast that no one could see him. Once in his room, Satoshi puts the bag on the spare bed and looks at Barry. Pikachu was looking kind of plump again and was laying on Barry's lap, and Barry was chilling on Satoshi's bed. "While I was taking care of Pikachu, I read a few of your adventure books. You have good tastes." Barry said. Satoshi smiles. He looked at his clock, he had been gone for about 4 or 5 hours. "Well, at least I'll have enough blood for the rest of the time on sea." Satoshi said. Barry sadly nods. Pikachu gets off of Barry's lap and crawls up his bloody master. Pikachu looked worried. "Sorry about that, killing people can be quite messy when they're scared. Though I wish that fear wasn't the emotion I loved so much." Satoshi said. Barry nodded. "Well, I learned more about my powers and how to shape shift. I can even duplicate a voice if I have drank that person's blood." Satoshi continued. Barry was interested. "Well that's strange. I didn't know vampires could do that." Barry said. Satoshi nodded.

"Unfortunately when we ever come back to canal, I'll never be able to get people of this land to trust me after what I've done. I guess I'll just have pack more blood from Unova and get more bottles." Satoshi said, not feeling happy about all of this. Barry sighs. "I'd better get back to work. Dinner's in an hour. See you there." Barry said. Satoshi nodded. Satoshi sighed. He grabs a book and began reading it. After an hour, the dinner whistle blew. Satoshi stops reading and grabs the smallest bottle of blood he had collected. He thought for a minute before realizing that he was still kind of full from earlier. He shocked his head and put the bottle back, deciding that the food would be enough to fill him for now. Soon he and Pikachu walked off to the cafeteria. After getting a cheese burger with everything except unions, he goes to Barry's table. The sailors looked at him. "Satoshi! It's good to see you again," A sailor said, "You missed lunch. We were worried that Barry would have to send you your food like the last few weeks." Satoshi smiles. "Don't worry, I'm better now, so that won't happen again." Satoshi said. The sailors smiled. Trip walks up to them. "Well if it isn't Ash, good to see you out again." He said. Satoshi growls at him. "It's Satoshi! When are you ever going to stop calling me Ash? And I thought you stopped calling me that yesterday?" Satoshi yelled, he still hated the name. Trip smirks. "Well, things changed when I heard the news. And things will stay the same unless you gain my respect, which will be a very enhance day for sure." Trip said. Satoshi growled. "You know, there have been strange talk between the people at the canal. They say some strange people have been going around the villages, saying that they're apart of the canal workmanship. Not only that but they have been stealing and killing many young and pretty women from said villages, but they've also been impersonating some of our sailors. You wouldn't know who could be behind all of this? Do you, guys?" The dark blond asked as he glares at Satoshi. Satoshi looks confused. How could he know it was him?

"I don't know, but whoever these men are must be creeps. They're killing and draining the blood of these poor women for whatever sick experiment they must be planning. If I ever met one of them, I'll punch their heads off!" A large Sailor yelled. Everyone yells, "YEAH!" "And whoever is impersonating us will pay as well. They're probably were the ones that killed those boys from Jhoto and framed Brandy. Unfortunately this info came too late for him since he's now on a different ship to jail now." A sailor said. Satoshi gulps in fear. 'Drat... so they know about the blood draining, that's how Trip was able to figure out it was me... DANG IT!' Satoshi looked angry. "I know, it's makes me mad too." A sailor said looking at the black hair boy's angry face. Satoshi looks at him. He had to play along. "Y...YEAH! The sick bastards!" Satoshi yelled. He really hated that he was fully agreeing with them, yet he was the real killer. 'I HATE THIS! I HATE HOW I HAVE TO DO THIS LOTHSEM DEED! WHY!? WHY MUST I NOT BE A HUMAN!? Why am I so imperfect!?' He asked himself. Trip looks at Satoshi. He sees an open seat and sits down. Trip looks at the auburn eyed boy. It was the look of 'I know what you've done and I'm ashamed of you'. Satoshi sees it and feels guilty. They soon ate. "Ash, could I see you in my room, it's room 29." Trip said. Satoshi was confused, then sad. After navigation the somewhat large ship, Satoshi reached Trip's room and knocks. "You can come in, my roommate's on deck." Trip said. Satoshi enters. "So, who's your roommate?" Satoshi asked. Trip looks at him. "Just your average sailor man. But that's not important. I know what you have done. Are you pleased with yourself?" Trip's words were fill of spite and anger. Satoshi looks away in shame. " I'm not proud. I only killed them so I could collect their blood. It's for the trip. I won't let myself harm anyone on this ship... bes..besides... they...they were just nobodies. They had no real reason to live. Unlike these people on this ship," Satoshi said. Trip looks at him in anger. "No reason to live? How heartless are you? Every human has a reason to live, unlike monsters would take and destroy everything they touch. Sure they may save a few lives here and there, but it will never forgive the horrible deeds they have done," Trip said. Satoshi became scared.

'M...maybe he's right. Is my immortal life really worth it? I killed so many just feed myself...I'm...not sure what's right or wrong anymore...' Satoshi felt terrible about himself. He soon began wish he was born a human and was hating himself. Trip looks at the cowarding teen. "You know, I have haft the right mind to kill you right now. You have attacked people, killed them, and all because you were hungry and thought they were nobodies. Even if I think everyone is not on my level, AT LEAST I DON'T KILL THEM LIKE YOU!" Trip yells. Satoshi didn't know what to do. "But... I did promise myself and Berry that I would help you learn to control yourself. I don't know what to do." Trip said. Satoshi looks at the boy. They were equally confused on what to do. Suddenly a horn was heard. "Well, at least we're moving away from the Canal. If I see or hear that you attack anyone else, then all bets are off. You will die." Trip said. Satoshi soon nods. He soon runs off. The boat shacks as it moved faster, Satoshi soon collides with a wall. Satoshi falls down and grumbles. 'I should make some tea, it's the only thing that can even give me some relaxation.' Satoshi thought as he thought of his favorite drink. He soon walks off. After getting some tea bags, some water in a kettle, and some cups from the kitchen, Satoshi returns to his bed room and begun to make some tea. Pikachu looks at his buddy. "Pikapi." It said. Satoshi sighed. "I know, I know. But... what was I suppose to do? I won't even try to drink a passenger or sailor's blood after what I did to those boys, so I had to attack a few villages. I... I hate being a Vampire. Stupid Dad and mom. Not telling me. Not giving me any of their 'special wine' that they drink at every boring ass party. UGH! If they just had given me a few bottles and said that I should drink it if I feel very hungry or strange. Then I wouldn't be in this mess! STUPID PARENTS!" Satoshi roars in anger. He soon sees the photo. Satoshi sighs. Although he couldn't fully see it, his hair looked a bit messier than normal. It was quite puffier and somewhat longer. Soon a few strands of his hair soon moved to between his eyes. "Ugh! I wish I could use a mirror to see what my hair is like. It's too puffy now to tell what shape it's in." Satoshi yelled. He despised himself and his race.

He pulls out a hair brush and brushed his hair. Even though he didn't have a mirror, he knew his hair was now too bushy and need to be brushed. Once done, his hair was straight down including the part that usually went straight up. 'I bet I look like a girl now. UGH! Insufferable, Incompetent parents!' Satoshi screamed, he was blaming his parents for all of his troubles. Satoshi looked around at his chemicals. 'I ... I need to calm down before I go on another rampage. I... I have control myself. I...I don't want to die... but... wouldn't it be better?' Satoshi sits on his bed. He was thinking about assistant suicide. 'It would get ride of another monster. Plus even if I become the world's best Doctor...that...that wouldn't amend all the blood I spilled and drank in order to make it that far... Should I even deserve to be a doctor... if.. if only I could get ride of my monstrous haft. My... darkness. If... if only I could get ride of it all. Get rid of the evil, and be pure good. Pure human goodness...If... I was just pure good then...' Satoshi thought. Then he smiled as he remembered his goal. He had finally gotten an idea of how he could enact this dream. Pikachu didn't like it. "Yes. YES! I will make myself perfect. I will be a hero. I will save lives. I will be saved from damnation and hell. Even if I am now technically a monster, I will never show it. The world shouldn't care about the mess I've made and the secrets I keep. I will keep the secret until... Yes! Until I make a potion that will get ride of my monstrous side, it will allow me to be a vampire without being feared. It will get ride of all the darkness and make me good. I will be perfect. The perfect doctor, the perfect hero! I will make myself... No! The world perfect! Get ride of the monsters without killing them. I will make the world a better place. It... It will redeem my sins against all things. I will prevent more blood shed. Destroy the creature identity I'm now forced to live with. I will become more human!" Satoshi soon got a sadistic smile on himself. His shadow oddly looked more and more monstrous the throughout he thought about being perfectly good. Pikachu didn't like it. Even though his master had talked about making humans all good inside, it was never this despite.

'But... where do I start? How do I start it? I guess by acting more... ugh... gentlemanly... but... I hate my father... but he is kind of right... being gentlemanly means I'm more human. More good. More perfect. But...I'm not sure... I'll think about this gentlemanly thing once I'm back at home. First I need to know more about the brain and the chemicals in them. Know more about the monsters. More about medicine. More about everything except the gentleman stuff. Ugh, I just have to wait it out.' Satoshi thought. Pikachu was scarred of his master. The teen had the crazed look in his eyes from when he learned about what he really was and when he turned into that bat creature. Satoshi soon notices that his partner was scarred. Satoshi calms down. "Don't worry Pikachu. I won't become a monster. I'll be a better man. Much more than my father or any man before him." Satoshi said with a scary smile. He soon got out his medical books, which were not touched during his voyage yet since he had only read his adventure books while he had been locked away. Satoshi looked around the room, it was kind of messy. 'First I clean this place up, don't want to hit anything.' Satoshi thought. Then he cleaned up his room, making it nice and tidy. His chemicals and notes on the table in an orderly line, his blood supply being put back in room 55, his clothes and books under the other bed. And all the Pokemon stuff in the other corner. He pulls out a medical book. After hours of studying, he yawns. He had read 5 large thick medical books. He puts the large books on the spare bed. He soon blew out the candles which were on the walls. They were very close to burning out all their wax. 'I'll have one of the bus boys deal with putting in more candles. First sleep.' Satoshi thought. Then he laid on his bed. However, unlike most nights, he was beginning swarm in his bed. After tossing for around 20 or so minutes, Satoshi sits up in anger. 'Drat, now I can't sleep in my bed anymore, and we're nowhere near land, so I can't get a coffin. Which means...' He became scarred. He would have to sleep upside down like a bat. Satoshi gets up. Pikachu, who was on Satoshi's lap, falls off.

"Sorry buddy, but I can't sleep in a bed anymore. Stupid Vamperism. But...once I learn to be perfect, I'll be able to become almost human. Maybe that will allow me to be sleeping like normal again." He said, then sighs. He looks at the wall. He puts his bare foot on it. So far it didn't look that weird. Then he put his other leg on the wall. At first the boy wobbled a bit before balancing out. 'Wow. This is so weird. How can we Vampires do it?' Satoshi thought as he walked on the wall, although his hair was still applied by gravity. Satoshi soon walked onto the ceiling. He was so weirded out. He had never thought that it was possible before. His neck long hair fell downward to the floor. Satoshi feels his hair, then his ears, then notices bit of hair growing around his sides of his ears and pieces of fuzz on his face. 'Sideburns. Just great. I'm growing side burns. Plus I'm growing a five o'clock shadow on my face. Ugh, can't wait to shave it off. I always hated beards. I don't know why, but I just don't like them.' Satoshi thought. He didn't like beards and mustaches that much, but didn't mind them on other people. Though he refused to have his own. Satoshi looked around. It just felt weird to be like this. But suddenly his eyes began to close. He soon fell asleep. Pikachu looked up to his sleeping master. It looked really weird and award looking. Pikachu soon get back on Satoshi's bed and fell asleep.
Satoshi Jekyll
 ch. 5 Jungle Animal

YEAH! Another chapter. Anyways, sorry for the slight tone shift earlier. I promise I'll warn you guys when it happens. But anyways, it's almost time to be back to having wacky adventures, and a few dark turns. It's kind of hard to do comedy when your main character is kind of an emo and is a vampire. Don't worry thought, I'm not going to make him a total emo since I hate that kind of character. He'll just be really sad at some areas.
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ch. 4 Rules and Regulations

Sorry for the long, long wait. I had a lot of work and homework to do. Hope you like this chapter.

Satoshi sat on his bed as he looked at the clock, it was a few minutes after 8 am, he wasn't sure when exactly Barry was going to show up and it was eating him up a bit. Today the boys was going to learn all they could about his heritage from the hunter, and Satoshi was scared of how powerful his race was, especially since he feared that he might go overboard and the more...wicked thoughts he had would take control. He was also curious about the angels and Demons they mentioned earlier. While the boy didn't like dark things like night time, were-Pokemon and other stories like them, he loved regular fairy tales. They were so filled whimsically and charm, sure they were kind of dark, but he knew they were all fake so it didn't faze him, unlike scary stories since there was a chance for them to be real, and having vampires being real didn't help. Satoshi sighed, he shouldn't be thinking about fairy tales now, he had to be focused on real things. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. "Who is it?" Satoshi asked. "It's me, Barry. I brought Trip with me so I won't miss out," The boy's voice said, causing Satoshi to smile. "Come on in." Satoshi said, allowing the two boys to enter. Barry soon walked over to Satoshi's medical table and swivel the chair around so he would have a good seat. Trip soon closed the door. "Man, I'm so excited, I'll be learning more about these Angels and Demons you talked about earlier." Satoshi smiled in glee. Trip gives a confused look to the vampire. "Really, that's what you wanted to know more about?" Trip said, a bit surprised. "Well, that and how we have to deal with my hunger. But mostly the angels and demons. They sound so cool, even though I only know about their names and that they're powerful." Satoshi said, filled with wonder. Trip looks at him. "Ash, remember, I'm here to tell you more about Vampires, not about the angels and demons. Sure I'll explain what they are when we are more familiar with vampire lore, but that's not we're here to learn about. Besides, I wouldn't be up so early if it wasn't for Barry rushing me. So we have to take our time." Trip said. Satoshi growled. "Hey! Stop calling me ASH!" Satoshi yelled. Trip looks away.

"Why not? It's not like I'm calling you, what was it that I heard from Barry, oh yes, Ashy-boy. Besides Ash is a nice and simple name, plus I think it fits you better." Trip said. Satoshi growls at Barry. "YOU TOLD HIM!?" Satoshi angerly yelled at his friend. "Don't worry, Ash, I promised to not tell ANYONE about that name, so don't worry. Now please answer my question." Trip politely asked. Satoshi turns away. "No, not until you get my name right." Satoshi said. "Oh, common, Satoshi, just tell us." Barry said. Trip looked surprised. "Wait, you haven't even told your friend why you don't like the name." Trip said. Satoshi began to blush. "It''s not important for Barry to know. Besides, we're here to learn more about vampires. Aren't we not?" Satoshi said, trying to change the subject. "Yes, we will talk about vampire lore, but AFTER we're done with this. You can't continue to hide whatever you're hiding about." Trip said, trying to wring Satoshi out. Satoshi began to growl. "FINE! I'll tell you!" Satoshi yelled. He soon calmed himself down. He looked down. "It started when I first entered privet school." Satoshi said. "I was just getting used to the place, and I had my friends there to help me out. As you remembered from the first time I came on the ship, I was kind of shy, and that was how I also acted like when I first entered the school. I wasn't used to all these kids and it made me scarred. My friends tried to make me relax and have fun, but I couldn't get used to it. I kept in the background, trying to be the best student I could be without interacting with the other kids. I soon became the teacher's pet without realizing it and a lot of the other kids didn't like that. They soon noticed my allergies and about vampires, they soon picked on me and said I was just like those monster. I tried to ignore them and my friends tried to defend me, but it didn't help that much. So I decided that I had to make some new friends to try and convince the others that I wasn't a freak. To bad all their suspicions of me turned out to be true. A-anyways, I talked to a couple of kids at school, and at first it was running smoothly, they were becoming more friendly to me and it seemed like my plan was going to work. "But..." Satoshi looked up at the two.

"They soon asked me if it was okay for them to go to my house. I didn't want them to go away, so I agreed. At home, they soon broth a lot of people and made a party. I...I was so enraged with them that I attacked them right in the open. I grabbed two lit candles and burned part of their faces. The other kids had to pull me off of them and get them away from me...Then...then they locked me away in my closet using some of my parents furniture. I...I was trapped and unable to break out. I...I soon panicked, I don't know why exactly since I'm not a claustrophobic, but for that instance only, I was. I soon heard the sirens and people panicking as well. I herd a lot of foot steps leave and then silence. It was a long time before mom came back from work and got me out. I was blubbering at her and so afraid. Then...Dad came home...He...He looked at me with his angry eyes and told mom to get some bandages. She left and Dad berated me with how terrible of a boy I was, how stupid I was for trusting those boys, and how disappointed he was. He knew that I had to be treated extra harshly so something like that wouldn't happen again. Then...he beaten me with his cane. I...I still remember the whacks, the bruises, the harsh language, and the utter pain I felt." Satoshi looked away. Trip was horrified while Barry was sad. Barry walks up to Satoshi. "Don't worry, Satoshi, everything is fine now. You're a much better person now, and I bet so is your father." Barry said, trying to confute him. Satoshi snarled. "You DON'T GET IT BARRY! This was a constant thing he did to ME! All those times he yelled at me and damned me was just like that BLOODY CANE! Oh, if only I could just have it and do what he did to me and do it to him. No, to all people who dare to cross me." Satoshi said, a wicked, insane smile on his face. "SATOSHI, GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF!" Trip yelled. Satoshi snaps out of it and breathed heavily. "S-sorry about that. I got... too emotional in my memories again." Satoshi said, feeling embarrassed. He looked away. "Okay...but I doubt 'Ashy-boy' would be used by your father. So explain how you got that nick-name." Barry said. Satoshi nodded.

"Anyways, when I returned to school, people were afraid of me. I tried to explain to them it wasn't my fault and that I would never do such a thing. But this only made them think that I had someone 'inside of me'. Like I gained a second personality. They soon joked that he was Ashy-boy, the crazed sociopath. They even said that I was crazy. They've been teasing about it even after graduation. They even got Gary to at least think that when I'm crazy to call me Ashy-boy. THAT'S THE REASON WHY I HATE THAT NAME! BECAUSE IT REMINDS ME OF HOW THIS PAIN TRULY STARTED FOR ME!" Satoshi said, angry at the end. Barry looks at him and waits until the boy had calm down to say anything. " you have a second person in your head?" Trip asked. Satoshi shocked his head. "What? No! It's not like that...but... I have been theorizing why me and other people do bad things." Satoshi said. Barry and Trip were intrigued. "Really, so what's this theory all about?" Barry asked. Satoshi smiled. "Well...ever since the incident I've been wondering about why it happened and why there are criminals all around the city. I went over to the local Pokemon habituate to look into them, hoping for an answer. I began wondering since Pokemon have brains, why are some of them are calm and collected like us humans, but others are mindless beasts and act on instincts. I asked the zoo keepers about this, but they didn't know either. I soon began thinking of this and then my theory was made. According to my theory, humans and the more human like Pokemon have two sides of the mind. One side is our intellect side that allows for our understanding of emotions and reason, and the other is were all our animal and chaotic thoughts resides. The animal part from not disappearing after we evolved to be more civilized. I decided to call the reasonable side of our mind the moral, and the animal one is the intelligence. I called the chaotic one intelligent because as stupid as a regular Pokemon is, a person with the same kind of personality tends to be smarter and does more 'creative' with their works and have the ability to see things in the eyes of a child. Thankfully I'm even on both sides, although my intelligent side sees things more coldly and yet more whimsically than my moral side. It's a strange blend to say the least." Satoshi admitted. Trip looks at him.

"How do you know if this theory holds any water? For all you know, you just made it up. Besides, when I met people who are intelligent and cold, they aren't acting like animals. Plus it could just be a quiescence." Trip said. Satoshi sheepishly smiled. "Well~ my theory is still in the basic stage. I still have kinks like that to iron out, but I know my theory about us having two sides to us is still true, no matter what those two sides really are like. For example, you asked if I had a second person in my head. But! If we were all one brain, then how could this personality form if I'm all one brain? Also, why do we lie? I'm not talking about vampires and other creatures like me who are forced to lie. No, I'm talking about regular people. Why do they lie? If they were really sure that they were good or evil, then what's the point of a lie? And we ALL know about how most politicians are jerks and lie to our faces. After all, it's the reason Unova separated from Kanto a long way back. So if we were all one brain, why do we need to hide things from the people we love or the people we know nothing about? It's because a part of us doesn't love them, or we actually hate them, or we're indifferent to them, or some other reason that I could say. This part is the reason why we lie, why we cheat on our loved ones, why we get angry, and why monsters like me are here in the first place is because there are two sides of us, and that monster side is were it all comes from." Satoshi said, he wasn't really sure about the last one, but he was on a roll and he was pretty sure his theory was somehow related to how such horrible things like vampires could even exist. Trip held his head, thinking everything the vampire said into consideration. Trip looks away. "You know Ash...Satoshi, you maybe onto something. However, it's too early to say if you're correct on your theory or not." Trip said. Satoshi smiles. "Well, at least you believe me. If Brock or even Gary heard about my theory they'd think I was going crazy again." Satoshi said. Barry raised an eyebrow. "How come they wouldn't believe you, they're your friends like us." Barry said. Satoshi rubs the back of his head.

"Well, Brock worries about me too much and isn't a scientist so he would have no idea what I'm fully saying, especially the hard science terms I may say. Gary on the other hand hates almost all the theories I've made, thinking of them as playing with god and acting like a 'mad scientist'. Grrr. I always hated that term. We're not mad, we're just misunderstood. The only way we could be mad was if we made inventions strictly to conquer the world." Satoshi said. Barry felt bad for his friend. "Man, that must stink." The boy said. The vampire nodded. "Okay, now with that out of the way. Let's begin our time of me telling you what I know about Vampires, which I learned from my parents and the history scrolls they gave me." Trip said as he walked to the boy's spare bed. Satoshi and Barry nodded. "First of all, Vampires have the ability to walk on walls and ceilings, can read the minds of those they drink from, and have the ability to lure their prey with mind games. They have the ability to understand another person's identity and native language by simply tasting their blood. The vampires are immortal and show little to no signs of natural aging, and they have ability to aura which means they can heal faster in case they are injured in anyway, be it serious or not. Remember, immortal doesn't mean they're invincible, it just means they can't die from old age, but they are as bulky as a Swampurt so that helps. They have enhanced strength, speed, and senses, but they do not have the ability to use any normal type, psychic type, or light type moves. Well except for mind control. Thankfully, they have one limitation when it comes to moves for no vampires can fly or use any flying type moves without sprouting bat wings. As you know, the vampire race, along with many other creatures, are hidden from society due to the fact that while Vampires are much stronger and faster and some are quite smart, we humans have the power of Acreus and his Angles, we are more clever with our ways, and we are move adaptable to loses much more than the creatures. Which is why humans rule this world instead of the monsters. Now you do know what an Angle is?" Trip asked. Satoshi shocked no. "No. My parents never told me about them, that's why I've been asking about them. Sooo, what are they?" The boy asked. Trip sighed.

"Angles are the good legendary of the world who bring life and happiness to the world like Xerenus, Reshiram, Mew, the legendary birds and beasts, Lugia, Ho-oh, and Raquaza. There are neutral legendary who don't attack the world but don't help humanity, like Kyogre, Groudon, the legendary golems, Kyruem, and Zymerze. They control the weather and currents while not caring if human is hurt in the process or not. There's the creator of the worlds, Arcues. And then there are the demons, legendary who are against the way of Arceus and would rather see humanity burn than be nice. They like to cheat and make deals with humans to twist their dreams into nightmares and cause as much death and misery for everyone. The demons are Zekrom, Darkrai, Yveltal, Giratina, and some others. Anyways, you're here to learn about Vampires, not the legendary." Trip said. "The Vampires have a society that is broken up into family houses, and the combination of this houses form the Vampire 'Nation'. You are of the house of Jekyll, and from what I heard, they're probably the third most powerful group of the houses. Not sure how a family that powerful was in poverty for so long that it was the only thing notable for the outside world is unknown. But that's not important. We do know that if you do have this incredible power since it won't show now because you're still on the transitioning stage of becoming a full vampire so I can't tell if them being that powerful as what I've heard is true or not. Now getting back to topic. There are also ways of telling who is a vampire verses who is a human. From all sources, Vampires have sharp ears, you can see their fangs, they have no reflections, they have claw like hands, their eyes turn a shade of red when angered, and if a human has the power of aura, the source of all life, they can tell a human and another vampire apart by their aura which is always darker than a human's," Trip said. The black haired teen was amazed. 'Wow, I never knew my family was so powerful. That's so cool. Plus it explains the two dark auras I've noticed. I guess those are other vampires. I should tell them once Trip is done.' Satoshi thought.

"Now that I've told you all I know about the vampire society and strengths. Let me talk about their weaknesses. Vampires are vulnerable only to the heart, which is why we do the stake to the heart thing to begin with. They can be killed by holy artifacts and symbols but only if they stay or hold the item for over an hour, which means you can survive it, and they can also be decapitated but that is so hard to do if you don't have an ax or a thick blade. They are weak to drowning in water, but it will not kill them, just knock them out. This also goes with fire. Regular weapons can hurt a vampire, but only holy items can do any real can also suffocated, but it only knocks them fall unconscious. And when a vampire dies, it is the same as a human dies. As you know, Vampires are allergic to Onions and Garlic, but they don't kill them even if it's in a very sensitive area like the through. They can get weak when they regurgitate blood, or doesn't get blood for a long, long time, but can recover easily. That could also explain why you're so weak, you haven't been feed for a month. And a Vampire cannot pass through a thicket of wild rose, especially those having been wrapped around the coffin. The Vampire would become entangled within the briers and in effect, become chained to the grave for all eternity. But they can be freed if they are burned off." Trip said. Satoshi was grossed out by the regurgitation thing. "Trip, why do Vampire's eyes turn a shade of red when angered to begin with? Wouldn't that make people instantly recognize them as being vampires?" Barry asked. "Good question. The reason is the vampire's blood becomes much more active when angered or while on the hunt, and this blood flow effects the brain to change the eye color to match the blood color. Not really sure how, but it does that." Trip said. Satoshi nodded. "Is there anything else that I need to know about us vampires?" Satoshi asked. "Yes, there is one more thing. As you know sunlight does not kill vampires, but it greatly weakens their powers. That's why they usually due their attacks at night. However, they can still use their enhanced abilities, and shape shift into slightly different versions of themselves. Although a vampire has very limited transformation capabilities to begin with, since they can only able to form different parts of their bodies into animal parts for a short time. " Trip said. Satoshi nodded.

"But what about their history, like how they were made, or other details like it." Satoshi asked. Trip looks at the vampire. "Well, you mostly know a lot of the core history of Pokelantis, so it's mostly like the vampire history." Trip said. "Wait, wait, wait. ...Are you saying that the Pokelantians made vampires?" Satoshi said. Trip nodded. Barry was confused. "Um, Satoshi, could you please tell me about this Pokelantis stuff, cause I have no idea what you're talking about now." Barry said, he wasn't used to this land. Satoshi nodded. "Yeah, it is a very scarce subject, thankfully the world hasn't fully forgotten about it. It's just harder to find in museums. Anyways, here's the basic history. About 600 years ago, during the start of the dark ages, Pokelantis was founded on a small island to try end the pain and lost of the black pledge. And according to what my parents told me, they succeeded but for some reason the secret was only limited to the island. I've tried getting more info about this, but my parents wouldn't give the details. Since Trip says they made vampires, I'm suspecting this cure was actually vampire-ism. Kind of makes sense now that I think about it. Anyways, there was a war between Pokelantis and the main land, and in about the early 15th century, Pokelantis was destroyed and all that is left are ruins." Satoshi said. Barry was surprised. Trip smiled. "So, you figured out that part. Good, and because the Pokelantians had become unholy monsters, that's why the war started." Trip said. Satoshi nodded. " did the Pokelantians make vampires? All my research never explained their cure and how it came to be." Satoshi said, a bit confused. Trip sighed. "Well, just as you said, Pokelantis was originally created by the people in Kanto to escape the Black pledge, they used magic to try and get rid of the disease, which was a forbidden art by everyone, seeing those who use them as witches and warlocks. This is why they went to the island in the first place. A man named Sir Vlad Helsing, also known as the bright ruler, became the king and his son, Viktor Helsing, became the first man to turn into a vampire. We're not exactly how their magic transformed them into vampires, but we do know that they used some kind of magic to do it, and that they called upon unknown forces, most likely the demons to gain said power." Trip said. Satoshi was impressed, he had heard of Viktor Helsing from his research.

"Wait, I've heard of that last name before. ...Oh yeah! Van Helsing. He's a major scientist in Sinnoh and is super popular. Wait, does that mean HE'S a vampire too?" Barry said in shock. Trip shocked his head. "No. That Helsing is different decedent of the Helsing line than the one that has Viktor. Back in day, when Pokelantis was just being formed, the Helsing family was split in haft. One group of them went with Viktor to the island and another group stayed on the main land. That's were Van's heritage comes from." Trip said. Barry and Satoshi smiles. "And that's all I know of the vampires. I hope this helps you." Trip said. The vampire smiled. "Alright, thank you." Satoshi said. Trip smiled. Satoshi looked at Barry. "But we still have a problem. What are we going to do about my hunger? You know I can't allow myself to hurt anyone. And I don't want to hurt you two, so what do we do?" Ash asked. Trip looks at him. "Satoshi, you said back when I first met you that there were 'people of your level', where are they?" Trip asked. "I'm not sure, all I know is that I saw two people during lunch a few times with dark auras, but I don't really remember their faces." Satoshi said. Barry taps his cheeks until an idea came to Trip. "I know. Why do you go talk to those vampires and ask them for some food. They're bond to help any other. Right Trip?" Barry asked the monster expert. "There's no reason why they wouldn't. Although, if their family hates your family for some reason or another, things could get ugly." Trip said. Satoshi looked at the boy in confusion. "But why would one of my own try to fight me? I would think us vampires would try to work together to survive." The vampire said. "Here's the thing. We don't know these vampires and whether they're friend or foe, so don't be so negative. Now why a vampire may hate another vampire could there be many reasons. They might had token a male vampire's bride, they might have hurt the society by revealing some important info, or...they could have gained 'new powers'." Trip said. Barry and Satoshi looked at each other. "I don't like the way you said that last word." Barry confessed. "But wouldn't having more powers to battle against you're enemies be a good thing?" Satoshi asked, thinking that he was going to regretted his question.

"It would be, if the vampire didn't do the unspeakable, even by vampire standards. You see, the only way for a vampire who is past the age of growth to gain more power is to consume not only the blood of another vampire, but eat part of their brain to do so. Cannibalism is wrong everywhere, even in the vampire society." Trip said. Satoshi nodded. It was understandable, such an appalling thing that existed. "Okay, with that all out of the way. I'm so hungry." Satoshi said as he grabs his stomach. "I'm going to look for those two other vampires." The boy gets up and walks to his door. The other two boys get up as well. "Yeah, we'd better get going. Gotta get back to work." Barry said. Trip nods. Satoshi opens the door and walks out, the others fallowing behind him and then split off to their jobs. Satoshi stood there, thinking of where he should go. 'Maybe I should wait for lunch, that's where I usually see them. But... I'm SO hungry, I don't I can make it. Maybe if I use this aura thing, then I'll be able to find them.' Satoshi soon closed his eyes. 'But...I don't know how to control the aura. Well, never too late to start trying.' He began to focus on odd sounds, or any unusual presences. He soon began to see two large blue-black auras way off to the front left area, near the front of the area of the ship. The vampire opens his eyes and walks to the area. After a while of navigating through the corridors he reaches room 28. He stops and closes his eyes, and sees the two dark auras in this room. Satoshi smiles as he opens his eyes. He knocks on the door. "Yes?" A boy's voice asks. Satoshi clears his voice. "Ahem, yes, I'm Satoshi Jekyll, and I'm here to talk to you and maybe become friends." Satoshi says as he forces his smile to be bigger. "Satoshi? Oh! That guy that went all crazy just yesterday. Yeah, it's hard to not know. And let me guess, you want our help to be 'normal' again." The boy on the other side said. Satoshi raised an eye brow. "Um...yes, that's why I'm here. I' of you. And need your help on getting a good meal." Satoshi said, trying to make sure no one found out what he was. "Can I come in?" Satoshi asked.

Soon the door opened to reveal a boy in his early 20's looking at the vampire. Behind the 20-ish year old was another boy, who looked around Satoshi's age. They both had red-brown hair, similar faces, and black and white clothes with red underneath them. The older one was taller than his younger brother and slightly shorter than Satoshi and had brown eyes, while the younger was about 7 or 9 inches shorter than Satoshi and had blue eyes. Satoshi comes in and the oldest closes the door behind him. "What's you're names?" Satoshi asked. "I'm Jared, and this is my younger brother Averian." The older one said. "So, are you vampire or one of the lycan? We only know that you tried to attack some people and a hunter took you to your room. Though it looks like you survived." Averian asked. Satoshi tilted his head. "Lycan? Um, I have no idea what that is, but I am 100% vampire. That's what I told your brother at the door. Although I never knew about this since my parents never even told me about this!" Satoshi said, angry at the end. The other two looked at him in confusion. "Wait, your parents never told you that you're a vampire...why?" Averian asked. "He's part of the Jekyll line, Averian. Remember what Papa and ma told us." Jared said. "Wait, you're family knows about my family?" Satoshi said. The older one nodded. "Yes. And it's not because you're family are rich doctors. There's this one thing I doubt your parents ever told you since they didn't even tell you that you're a vampire. Your family is the one of last of the vampires that originated from Pokelantis. All of the other clans from that era are now gone and new clans have taken their place. Plus you, your mother, and your father are the only Jekyll's left. Not to mention your mother was a lonely human who your father married and forced to be a vampire a long time ago." Jared said. Satoshi was surprised. He didn't knew his mother was once a human. 'No wonder she was always nicer to me than dad.' Satoshi thought. He soon shocked his head.

"So? What's wrong with my mom once being human? It's not like it hurt other vampires in the past." Satoshi said, a bit confused. "Nothing. That's not the problem. It's the fact that she and your father decided to make their only son act like a human to blend into society is the problem. You see, back in the day the old clans tried to be like humans after the war to try and keep living. However, the more and more famous they've became, the bigger targets they were. And now most of the old clans are gone. Only your clan and a couple others are left. And our parents made a vow that the old guards need to be ignored in order for vampires to learn from their mistakes and live on." Jared said. Satoshi tilted his head. "So, you're not going to help me?" He asked, a bit confused. Jared nodded. "OH COME ON! You can't do that! We're suppose to be of the same race. We're suppose to help each other out. Besides, I'm so hungry. I don't want to risk our existence again." Satoshi said. The other two other vampires turned their heads away. Satoshi growled, his eyes turning ruby red. "If you don't help me, then I'm going to tell everyone that you're vampires." The black hair boy threatened. The others look at him. "No one would believe you. Remember, they think you're crazy." Averian said. Satoshi clenches his fists and growled. "I am NOT CRAZY! AND THEY WILL TOO BELIEVE ME! JUST TELL ME WHERE YOU'VE HIDDEN YOUR SUPPLIES OF BLOOD! I KNOW THAT IT EXISTS, HOW ELSE CAN YOU GUYS SURVIVE FOR SO LONG WITHOUT BEING AS WEAK AS ME YET THERE WEREN'T ANY INCIDENTS OF PEOPLE BEING BITTEN!" Satoshi yelled. Jared smiled. "So you confessed that you're weak." He said. "Only for now. I'll be back a full strength when I get some blood. SO TELL ME WHERE IT IS!" Satoshi yelled. Some was off in his eyes, they looked like a crazed man's eyes. "Jared, I-I don't like that look in his eyes. Why don't we just give him the key? He may actually *gulp* eat us if we don't." Averian said. "Yeah, he's crazy enough he could do it." Jared said. Satoshi roars like a wolf. "I AM NOT CRAZY! NOW TELL ME WHERE IT IS!" He screams. Jared gulps and pulls out a key with a held labeled 55. "Okay, okay. Here. This is the key to our blood supply. It's in room 55, two floors down. You can't miss it, since it's a closet room." Jared said. Satoshi grabs the key and puts it in his pants.

Satoshi breathed heavily. "Th-thanks." Satoshi said as he tries to calm himself. 'Stay calm, Satoshi. Stay calm. I'm not a monster. I could never do such a terrible thing like cannibalism. I...I need to get that blood.' Satoshi soon went out the door as his eyes returned to normal. Satoshi begins to move as he closes the door, but stops a few minutes later when he hears Jared's voice. "Ugh, that Satoshi. He's so crazy and stupid for not having a plan like ours or drinking the humans a little. And I can't believe how insane he is. He was on the verge of eating us! I can't even believe it." Jared said. Satoshi held his chest. 'No. No. I'm...I'm not insane. I'm a good boy.' Satoshi said to himself. He took a step forward. "Yeah, that guy is mad. And if he isn't stopped soon, he'll ruin everything. He's too unstable for us to control him and he'll make our supplies less so quickly that we might have to attack people. And you know if the crew learns about any illegal actions are done by anyone, the person who does it is shipped back to their homeland and all that money will be wasted." Averian said, angry. "I know, when Satoshi comes back to us since he wouldn't know how to get more blood, we grab him and throw him into the ocean, and he'll either drown and be forgotten about, or swim to dry land where he'll be far away enough where we won't have to deal with him." Jared said, then laughed. Satoshi growled. The rage poured of his heart and soon consumed him as his eyes turned ruby red again. He grabs the door and pulls it open. The two vampires were surprised. "S-Satoshi, what are you doing here so early? I thought you went imminently to our supply closet?" Averian asked in shocked. Satoshi growled, "I was, but that was until I heard you guys talking about trying to get ride of me and calling me crazy." Averian angerly looks at Jared. "So, what are you going to do, you crazed lunatic? We're technically more powerful and skilled than you are." Jared said. Satoshi crazily smiled. "You know, I tried to push myself from this 'certain' idea that I've been having,, why not? Besides, no one will ever miss you guys." Satoshi said sadistically as he shuts the door behind him. "No! You can't possibly do that! You'll be a criminal, a total monster, a...a psychopath. The council of Vampires will learn of this and will hunt you down." Jared said. Satoshi smiled.

"Oh, that won't happen. I won't let this little incident escape this room. I will be free from punishment, and will have my way. hehehe. Especially with you, Averian. Don't want to waste this chance to 'experiment' with my love life." Satoshi said, however the words and the way he said it sound almost nothing like how Satoshi was before. He soon started to change his body shape into another man, this man was a random sailor Satoshi had saw when he was on deck. "H-how are you able to replicate this man's body while it's still daytime?" Averian asked. Satoshi smiled. "Easily. I've lived my life in the sun for so long that I'm not effected by it. I guess my parents' 'stupid plan' has its good moments." Satoshi said, then attacks them. The scene switches to the outside of the room as screams of horror rang out. A man gets out of his room. He goes over to the room with the noise. "HEY WHAT'S GOING ON THEIR!?" The man yells out, but all he hears is screams. He grabs the number plate and pushes it up to reveal a peak whole that was on every door. He soon sees a sailor man covered in blood rapping a young boy while another boy was on the floor dead with his skull open and haft of his brain gone. The man quickly pushes the number plate down and felt sick. He knew he had to tell the captain imminently. The man soon ran off. After a while, the 'sailor' person soon got out and notices the man running off. Satoshi smiles as he reverts to his normal form; although his eyes were now lizard like and sharp. Satoshi rushes off to room 42 on the second floor. He firsts knocks on the door and then hides behind a corner in case anyone opened the door. Satoshi smiles as no one opens it. Satoshi knew this person was now away from his room. Satoshi walks up to the door and grabs the handle to open it, but it was locked. He then looked at his pocket and sighed. He soon grabs the key and pushes it in the keyhole, after turning and twisting it just right, the door clicked open and Satoshi entered the room. Satoshi smiles and gets out of his clothes until he was in his boxer shorts, which were clean. He then puts the dirty clothes on both of the beds since he didn't know which bed was the one the sailor he impersonated was, all that he knew was this sailor lived here.

Satoshi soon leaves the room and shuts the door. He locks it with his key and leaves imminently. Satoshi uses his super speed to go to his room before anyone saw him haft way naked. Once in his room, Satoshi grabs a napkin and wipes the blood off his face. "Pikapi?" Pikachu calls out. Satoshi soon notices the rodent and then everything came crashing down on the vampire. Satoshi sits down, quiezyness in his stomach. "What...what have I've done? I...I killed, I ATE, I murdered two men. I...attacked and forced a boy my age to have sex with me. I...I framed another man. I...I'm a horrible creature." Satoshi said as he realized what he had done. 'But...but how? How could I do such an unholy act? It's...It's the monster side of me. The intelligent side. Well there goes me being even in both areas if my intelligent side can make me act like a monster.' Satoshi sits down, his body ached in pain. 'Ugh, my body isn't responding well to that blood. I don't feel so well.' Satoshi held his head. He soon noticed wing like web things forming under his arms and growing with large bones coming from his wrists. He felt his face pushing forward. Satoshi screams in pain as his body began to change into a large bat creature. Pikachu runs to a corner, terrified of what his master was becoming. Once the transformation was complete, Satoshi was now a large grey-black haired bat creature with a wolf face but with large nasals, had two large wings with 5 talons were his fingers were, still had the strange n like markings on his cheeks, had his regular hair which raven colored, had two legs with three toes, and a large tail with a budge of fur at the end. The creature's eyes were pitched black. It was about the bed length long and was a few inches taller than Barry. The creature growled. It held it's body with it's claw/wings, the transformation still hurt. Suddenly there was a voice, "Attention all passengers. Attention all passengers. We have an emergency broad cast to tell you. One of our passengers, Brady Shinro has killed two passengers on our trip. He is not working in his spot in the boiler room. If any of you see him, report his whereabouts to an doctor or any of the professional people on the ship. Do not fallow him. I repeat. Do NOT FALLOW HIM. HE IS A MURDER. End of transmission." The voice soon stopped. The monster smiled.

"Pikapi? Pikashi?" Pikachu asked out to his master, the mouse's langue started to sound like English. The monster look to the corner. It licks it's lips. Pikachu was terrified. "Satoshi, please listen to me! This isn't you! Please come to your senses?" The mouse said. The Monster got closer. "PIKA CHUUU~!" Pikachu yelled as he shots a thunderbolt at the creature. It screams in pain. It stumbles back and growls at the mouse. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Satoshi turns it's body to the front door, thankfully it's tall just barely missed his chemicals and tubes. "Satoshi, did you hear that! Two guys just got killed. I came all this way when I heard the news, but what's going on in there I heard Pikachu's thunderbolt." Barry said, confused. Satoshi uses his weird claw hands to open the door. Barry sees the monster and freaks out. "WHAT THE!?" Barry yells as he is frightened by the monster. The monster roars and pushes Barry into the wall. "OUCH THAT HURT!" Barry yelled. The monster walks up to the boy. "Wow, wow, wow, slow down...creature. I'm not hear to hurt you." Barry said, hoping that the monster wouldn't eat him. He soon notice's it had Satoshi's hair and the marks on it's cheeks. "Satoshi?" Barry asked. The monster didn't respond. "Satoshi, you got to listen to me." Barry said. The monster looks into Barry's eyes. The fear was exhilarating to the monster. "Satoshi. Please..." Barry soon cries. Satoshi takes a step back. He wasn't used to tears. The monster's eyes lighten up. "Ba-Barry?" The monster said, his mind finally reverting back into a human. Satoshi screams in pain as his body transforms itself back into a human. Satoshi lays on the ground face first, holding his head as things began to clear up in the boy's mind. "Ugh, my head. What, what happened to me?" Satoshi asked. "I don't know. You were just this giant bat like monster, yet was very different from any bat creature I've seen." Barry said. Satoshi didn't like that. "Anyways, let's go into my room. I don't want everyone to know that I'm naked." Satoshi said. Barry nodded and the two soon entered the room. Satoshi soon quickly grabs his bag of clothes while Barry looks away. The older boy soon remembered why he was here in the first place.

"Oh yeah. Satoshi, I came to talk to you about the murder. What do you think about it? Do you think it was another vampire or some other creature like a were Pokemon?" Barry asked. Satoshi felt his stomach turning as he puts on his pants. "Are you okay?" Barry asked. Satoshi nodded. "Y-yeah. I'm fine. But I have no idea what happened. I-It's a funny thing actually, I met the guys that got killed, and they were the vampires, I don't know what happened to them after I went to their secret spot where they hid all their blood, but I drank quite a bit before coming back here. Although I think they had something wrong with their blood and that's why I went all monster back there." Satoshi lied, Pikachu could see how frighten the boy really was. "Oh! Well that stinks." Barry said. Satoshi nodded as he puts on a white shirt. Barry looks at the boy. "But don't worry, sooner or later we'll be able to figure out how to control that power." Barry said. Satoshi nodded. "Well, I'd better getting back to work. The boss is probably angry for me just leaving." Barry said. Satoshi nodes. Once his friend left, Satoshi sighs and sits on his bed. He notices Pikachu looking at him. "Well what was I suppose to say to him!? THAT I'M THE KILLER! THAT I FRAMED THAT GUY!" Satoshi says as he got angrier. Satoshi grabs his head. 'No, stay calm. Stay calm.' Satoshi told himself. He looked at his hands in discuss. 'What's wrong with me?' He soon sat on his bed.

(Later that night.)

After having lunch, reading some books to himself to try and distract his mind from the horrors he had done, and having diner, Satoshi was now in his room, lying on his bed and looking at his wall. The incident was still eating him up inside, no matter how hard he had tried to forget about it. Satoshi sighed. He looked up. 'Maybe having a midnight drink will calm my nerves.' He thought as he turns, looks at the ground, and sees the key to Jared and Averian's blood supply. Satoshi sighs and gets up. He grabs the key and walks out. Pikachu sleeping on the opposite bed. Satoshi sneaks around the corridors and walks slowly down the stairs. Satoshi began to feel fear again. What if someone saw him this late at night? What would they think of it? The boy soon shocked his head. Now wasn't the time to worry about all that. He soon enters the second floor, which was a hallway that lead to many rooms like the boiler system. Satoshi walks down, seeing that the doors start at 50 and move up one. He soon sees room 55 and smiles as he grabs the key. However, it was badly dented from earlier. He soon shoves the key in, not caring of the consequences as his more wicked thoughts began to take control. Satoshi soon unlocks and opens the door. It was a regular supply chamber with three stacks of shelves on each wall, but instead of cleaning supplies or spices, the shelves were filled with bottles of blood and empty bottles. Satoshi licks his lips. He grabs a bottle from the middle shelf and unclogs it. He drinks the liquid and puts the empty container back where it was. Satoshi sighs in relief. The pain he was feeling was finally gone. However, his stomach still grumbled. He was a bit confused since he had some blood earlier and it filled him up, but now he was still hungry. He shacks it off and grabs another bottle. After 6 or 7 more bottles, the vampire was finally full. Satoshi soon noticed that there was only a third of the bottles were full of blood. 'Man, what a pig I am. I can't believe I drank that much, but...then again I haven't fully ate since what happened with the boys, and until then back a few months ago.' He quickly leaves the room and returns back to his. The vampire lays on his bed and covers himself. In a matter of minutes, the boy was off to slumber land.


Satoshi opened his eyes, he sees a mirror where his table of chemicals is. "huh?" Satoshi says out loud in confusion. He soon sees Pikachu was gone. Satoshi looks around. He goes to the door, but it was shut tight. He turns around and sees his mouse friend in the mirror being pulled back by blood covered chains. "Pikachu!" The boy yelled in fear as he rushes over to the mouse. He soon leaps head first into the mirror and somehow goes through it. The vampire grabs onto his mouse friend and pulls back. "NO! Who ever you are, you're not taking Pikachu!" The boy yelled. However, the chains soon pulled harder, enough to be dragging the boy too. Satoshi pulled harder, but all it does is make the mouse scream in pain. Soon the mouse creature accidentally lets out a thunderbolt which knocks the boy back. He gets up and sees his friend swiftly pulled into a dark pit that wasn't there before. The vampire gets up and jumps into the hole. However, he swiftly hits the floor and is knocked unconscious. After a while, the boy soon wakes up but sees that he is in an old castle and that he was sitting in a chair at the end. The boy gets up and holds his head. 'Ow, that hurts. Huh? Where am I? Am I still in the mirror, but how did that happen? Maybe this is a dream? I would explain all the weird things that just happened.' Satoshi thought. Suddenly the doors barge open revealing a man wearing a heavy black shirt, a cape, black pants, a belt with so much stuff on it that the boy couldn't recognize what all of the stuff was, and he wore a cowboy hat. He had a wipe in one hand and a crossbow in the other. "You're time is up, Dracula. Now it is time for your rain of terror to end." The man said, his voice sounding off like it was being portrayed by an bad actor. 'D-Dracula! What is he talking about? I'm not Dracula. He doesn't even exist.' Satoshi thought. "You've got the wrong guy. I'm Satoshi Jekyll. I'm not Dracula." The boy said, cowering in fear. The man wasn't pleased. "Don't try to fool me. I've been through out all this castle and destroyed all of your minions. You are Dracula, and there is no hiding from it." The man said. Satoshi steps back. "No. No! I'm not a monster. I'm not!" The boy yells in rage.

The boy holds himself in fear. The man throws a cross thing at the vampire. Satoshi freaks, and suddenly he disappears, and then reappears on the left side of the room, near the window. Satoshi looks around in confusion. 'Wh-what just happened? How did I get over here? Did...did I teleported?' The boy thought. He soon noticed the hunter coming towards him. "Please, please. I...I promise to change. To be a good man, please don't hurt me." The boy cried. The man angerly looks at him. "It's too late. You've already payed the price when when you decided to kill those boys back on that ship." The man said. Satoshi looked at him in shock. How in hell did he know about that? Satoshi steps back. The fear overflows within him as he cries on the floor. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry!" He cried. Soon the man raises a sword and then slashes, and a red mark like thing was made.


Satoshi wakes up and sees that everything is normal. He holds himself. "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry." The boy whispers to himself as he cries all night.
Satoshi Jekyll Ch. 4
I am so, so, so sorry for the long update. But I had school work and stuff to worry about. But don't worry, I'll be uploading things back on their Tuesday schedule. And the warning is up since I mention Cannibalism, rape, and murder done to not main characters, but effects Satoshi in an interesting way. And I'm so sorry that I have these bad things in here to begin with, but I wanted to show how bad being a vampire was, as well as show more proof of how Hyde began to develop in Satoshi.
Unusual Lovers by AlongComesMaryann
Unusual Lovers
Note: This is not Otherwise's Rachel. This is Emma wearing maid clothes to join in Hyde's adventures.
Anyways, this is a pinup of Satoshi's fiance Dawn working with 'his cousin' to collect certain items for Frankenstein. And the reason Dawn/Emma is wearing the maid clothes is because Ash doesn't want anyone to know that a rich sophisticated lady was with him, or that she was doing such horrible things for her love. Another thing to note is that Ash does have a small crush on Dawn but he doesn't really notices it, and she doesn't know Satoshi's 'cousin' was actually him.
Do to some technical interference from a few days ago that I could not be able to tell you about, I have to post pone the lastest chapter of Satoshi Jekyll to next Tuesday. I am really, really sorry. But I had no control over it.
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